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Spring Track & Field 2021 Update!!!

(Sunday 4/18/21 - 10:38PM)





Road Runner Team Week Fundraiser

*This fundraiser start on the 10th and end on the 20th - important that new athletes get proper training shoes to prepare for season.

*Also, you need spikes for your events (sprints, distance, mid-distance) - they are different.

Spring T&F Frequency Ask Questions (FAQ)



Hello Everyone.  

Spring track and field is a three (3) days away.  The first day is Monday, April 12th.  

1. Everyone need to register online for Spring Track & Field


2. If, you do not have a physical complete - you need to get on it ASAP.  You cannot be part of the team if you are not on the compliance list. No exceptions.

3. You will need to sign up for practice.  I will post the sign up genius soon. If, there are more athletes and the sign up is full - please email me.

4. We will have time trials for Sprinters (all hurdlers and jumpers are sprinters) to determine who will practice at 5:30PM and 7:15PM on Wednesday, April. 14th - bring your spikes. It is possible other groups (Distance, Throwing, Jumps, Hurdling) will have time trials. I will post it here.

5.  Schoology, Twitter and the team website - www.gcmtrackandfield.com will be the prime ways of communication.  It is very important that you sign up for Schoology an follow us on Twitter. https://twitter.com/gcmtrack

Please see the link in the Schoology page - https://lms.fcps.edu/group/2923856607

Access Code for kids to join the Schoology Group


(Here is the proposed schedule for the first 3 days of Spring track and field practice - it is subject to change and will be updated before the first day)

Track:  Meet at Stadium

*Check in is 15 minutes - we will enter through the gate by the Porta Johns closed to the buses.

*Check in (3:15 - 3:30), (5:15 - 5:30), (7:15 - 7:30)

*Practice will start at end of check in.

*Mask are required

*Water is required.

April 12th- 3:15PM Distance and female throwers

                    5:15PM All sprinters, jumpers, hurdlers - time trials

April 13th- 3:15PM Distance and female and male throwers

                    5:15PM Long/Triple/High Jumpers and Hurdlers

April 14th- 3:15PM Distance

                    5:15PM Sprinters - Time Trials

                    7:15PM Night Sprinters - Time Trials

Don't be shy - email me and ask any questions you many have for spring track and field.

Thanks Coach Wong

Ph: 301-793-2900

Email: ccwong@fcps.edu

Website - www.gcmtrackandfield.com

Spring T&F Frequency Ask Questions (FAQ)

Boy's Team dominated from start to finish to win the 4x800m Relay Title - Northern Regional Championship

Junior Torri McNabb wins her heat Northern Regional 55m Hurdles and qualifies for the State Championship.




To view results and pictures and news from the last seasons please go to our Archives Page

LEAVE A LEGACY  - my favorite part of video - get the message - Leave a legacy - it cannot be changed. Time can go by - others might come whose better than you but if you make history and leave it on the track - nothing will or can ever change the record for 2015 - 2016 Season.





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