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Past Seasons/News Archives XC Runner: Mackenzie Haight (George C. Marshall)

By Brandon Miles / November 30, 2012 12:57 PM is attempting to interview the vast majority of the 40+ runners over the next week that the website has selected to be on this year's Cross Country Team.  We will announce the full team (7 members on each first, second, and third team) shortly after the Foot Locker Nationals next Saturday in San Diego.

After just barely making it to the state meet with a 14th place finish in the Northern Region Championships, George C. Marshall junior Mackenzie Haight did not just barely make it on the podium in his second state meet appearance. Haight became his school's first All-State cross country finisher in many years with his 10th place time of 15:52 in the Group AAA race at Great Meadow. He followed up his state meet race with a personal best run at Foot Locker South and 15:49 clocking for 49th place in the seeded race. Despite missing all of last outdoor season, Haight started out strong this fall with a top 10 finish at Monroe Parker Invitational and also placed well later in the season at the Glory Days Grill Invitational with his first sub 16 minute 5K performance of 15:56.

Interview with George C. Marshall junior Mackenzie Haight


What was your summer training like entering this season?

I was coming off an injury in the Spring so I eased into the summer training but picked it up in July with two great camps: the PR camp at Capon Ridge and Blue Ridge Running Camp.


What would you consider as your best XC race of this season and why?

States; I was able to successfully execute my race strategy and I accomplished my season goal of getting an All-State finish.


What is your favorite XC course to race on and why?

Burke Lake because of the history and because I often am competing against the best Northern Region runners when racing there.


What is your preferred pre-race meal on the night before a big race?

Definitely buttered noodles and a baked sweat potato.


Do you have any pre-race superstitions or routines that you stick to before a race?

No, I just try to stay relaxed but focused.


What brand and model of shoes do you train in as well what shoes do you race in?

I train in Nike Pegasuses and race in the Nike Zoom Victory XCs.


What was the toughest or best workout that you did all season?

It was really the whole week after regionals; I did a lot of tempo work that gave me confidence going in to states.


What was the biggest obstacle, challenge, or setback that you had this season?

Not racing as well as I had hoped early in the season and having to regain confidence.


What did you learn from this past season that you will try to apply for future seasons?

The importance of proper nutrition and recovery in addition to my training.


What do you think were the keys for your successful cross country season?

The support of my Coach, parents and teammates.


What is your favorite saying or advice from your coach?

It's not how you start, it's how you finish. He also calls everyone a 'jokah' a lot.


What are some of your hobbies or favorite things to do outside of running?

I like to draw and paint.


What is an interesting fact about you that most people probably do not know about you?

I was born in an ambulance at my house!


How many hours a week do you think you spend on average on

Too many!


Licensed To: George C. Marshall High School
                          Quad at Nottoway  11-Sep-12                         
                        George C. Marshall High [GCM]                         

  1  Women   5000m Run
       Score  Rnd Name                     Age Team            Place    Pts
     21:49.35 F   Martin, Olivia M          14 Marshall           1      1
     22:06.45 F   Gilbo, Yekaterina K       13 Marshall           2      2
     22:28.04 F   Smith, Sarah              16 Marshall           3      3
     22:29.84 F   Sibley, Lauren            13 Marshall           4      4
     22:50.26 F   Dabich, Olivia            16 Marshall           5      5
     22:52.01 F   James, Jade               16 Marshall           6      6
     22:56.64 F   Thillairajah, Anna R      15 Marshall           7      7
     22:59.54 F   Dickson, Caitlin          15 Marshall           8      
     24:16.69 F   Bock, Katherine E         15 Marshall          13      
     24:21.08 F   Casey, Emily M            14 Marshall          16      
     24:42.56 F   Dirkse, Annika M          14 Marshall          21      
     24:52.01 F   Stenseth, Sydney          14 Marshall          22      
     25:05.74 F   Billett, Dominique        16 Marshall          24      
     26:10.21 F   Pierce, Mariame K         14 Marshall          38      
     27:05.00 F   Daniel, Beverly           16 Marshall          48      
     27:39.55 F   Marney, Caroline J        15 Marshall          52      
     28:36.64 F   Ramella, Alexandra        16 Marshall          58      
     28:44.95 F   Shiomi, Haruka            15 Marshall          59      
     32:45.06 F   Casey, Avani              16 Marshall          62      

  2  Men   5000m Run
       Score  Rnd Name                     Age Team            Place    Pts
     17:22.34 F   Haight, MacKenzie         14 Marshall           1      
     18:28.70 F   Baker, Brendan S          15 Marshall           3      
     19:24.04 F   Cintorino, Keaton D       14 Marshall           4      
     19:36.69 F   Haight, Alexander         16 Marshall           6      
     19:46.46 F   Boylan, Derek J           14 Marshall           7      
     20:11.70 F   Zirkle, Nicholas R        13 Marshall          10      
     20:12.15 F   Follin, Noah B            13 Marshall          11      
     20:24.14 F   Blackwell, Andrew         16 Marshall          15      
     20:25.36 F   Handley, Alex E           13 Marshall          16      
     20:29.37 F   Carpenter, Maxwell        16 Marshall          17      
     20:40.04 F   Tollo, Spencer E          13 Marshall          19      
     20:47.54 F   Ansarpour, Sepehr         14 Marshall          22      
     21:14.35 F   Hales, Jackson S          14 Marshall          31      
     21:17.35 F   Mills, Stephen T          14 Marshall          32      
     21:19.67 F   Ferrer, William R         14 Marshall          33      
     21:20.05 F   Gieseler, John            16 Marshall          34      
     21:27.24 F   Loynd, Patrick            15 Marshall          35      
     21:41.54 F   Moore, Kyle S             15 Marshall          41      
     22:22.33 F   Ng, Andrew C              14 Marshall          52      
     22:36.59 F   Krafft, Colin R           15 Marshall          57      
     22:38.02 F   Morgan, Colin P           14 Marshall          58      
     22:39.96 F   Balch, John               16 Marshall          59      
     22:41.85 F   Ghobadi, Kasrah S         14 Marshall          60      
     22:45.88 F   Cowen, Andrew             16 Marshall          61      
     22:50.31 F   Patterson, Thomas W       15 Marshall          62      
     22:54.36 F   Hoffman, Sean E           15 Marshall          64      
     24:00.77 F   Mahach, Ryan              15 Marshall          74      
     24:31.91 F   Khandpur, Jay             14 Marshall          76      
     25:06.85 F   Crone, Andrew             13 Marshall          78      
     25:35.01 F   Scarlett, Varun           16 Marshall          79      
     25:35.81 F   McFaul, Justin            16 Marshall          81      
     25:50.61 F   Wakilpoor, Yousuf         15 Marshall          83      
     26:10.71 F   Nicholson, Patrick L      14 Marshall          84

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