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Complete Meet Results - 2018 David Cannon Polar Meet

David Cannon Invitational - Sat. Dec. 1st at Home.
(Update 11PM - 11/28)

We still need more help with the meet - it is more fun to volunteer. Code is 7731

1. The final Entries are now posted on the website. We will not be making anymore changes.

2. I will post an estimated time schedule for events on Thursday Night.

3. All Athletes need at practice on Friday to get uniforms & spikes for the shoes.

4. Athletes who purchases uniforms - the singlets will not be here for the meet - but we will give you a brought uniform to compete. The singlets will be here by the end of next week.

5. All athletes need to be at Marshall by 8AM on Saturday to help setup up for the meet. 

6. Remember everyone needs to stay for the whole meet - not just compete and leave. We have clean up and make sure all is taken care.  I will be having you sign out at the end of the meet.

7. For the people who could not find the shoes you need at the Team Night - here some links to get school.

If, you need the rubber bottom spikes, you will need these if you run at TJMS (Dec. 21st, Jan. 25th & 2nd District Champs) - here is the link

If, you need regular spikes here is the link.


Long Distance Runners

Mid Distance Runners

Field Events

Final Entries David Cannon Polar Bear Meet by Name

Final Entries David Cannon Polar Bear Meet by Events

David Cannon Polar Meet Approximate Time schedule for running events.

4x8 (2 sections) 10:00
55h (10 sections) 10:20
55D (32 sec) 10:35
1600 (7 sec) 11:10
4x2 (8 sec) 11:55
500 (11 sec) 12:15
1000 (8 sec) 12:35
300 (26 sec) 1:10
3200 (2 sec) 1:50
4x4 (4 sec) 2:35

2018 David Cannon Polar Bear Meet Program (Update 11/30 @ 3PM)

2018 David Cannon Polar Bear Performance list (htm)

Hello Guys - Few Updates.

1. We are going to move up the starts times to try and beat the weather.  

2. Field Events will now be at 9AM. Running events at 10AM.

3. We will do flights and try to keep them to 30 minutes each for Long jump, Triple Jump and shot put. There will be 5 minutes between flights and 30 minutes between event once we do the switch. If, the boys Triple/High Jump is over - tell the girls/boys to go check in. If, all of them are there - we will try and start early.

4. Three jumps and three throws. 

5. Please have the athlete pay attention to the event on the track and start checking early.  Please have them look at the table with the entries before going for their hip numbers. Tell the clerk their heat and lane - it will make the process quicker. 

6. For the substitution - just make the switch and give it to us, I will make sure the names are changed before the results are posted.  I want to print the program so the parents and clerks can keep up. 

7. One section of the 3200m per gender - coaches I will need you to help count laps.

8. Top 3 finishers in all events will get a dog tag. Results will be posted by concession and awards will be in the ticket booth. 

9. We can always use help - so feel free to offer.  Let's do our best to keep the kids when they are not running out of the infield. The backfield should be open for warm-ups. There are few portable toilets by the track but Door #5 should be open. Please don't ask the kids not be hanging out in the lobby - they are about 5 events going at Marshall include a basketball event. If the kids are hanging out - we will ask them to go outside. Please set your tents up on the upper part of the stands. so, we not blocking the finish line. 

10. Blocks - all hurdlers, first 3 sections 55m dash, 300m dash (in lanes). 4x200m will be waterfalls, one section of the 4x800m each gender, 2 sections of the 4x4. 

11. I will have your packet with a copy of the meet program ticket booth - if you have a payment - please give it to the ticket takers. 

12. Let me know if you have any questions, comments, suggestions. 

Thanks for coming guys.


Clifford Wong
Meet Director, 2nd David Cannon Memorial Polar Bear Invitational


2nd David Cannon Memorial Polar Bear Invitational

Saturday, December 1st, 2018

George C. Marshall High School

Falls Church, VA

This will be F.A.T. VHSL Sanction. Top 3 Individuals and Top 3 Relays.
Coaches Meeting: 8:30am

School Attending: Battlefield, Chantilly, Dominion, Freedom (South Riding), John Champe, Langley, Thomas Edison, Thomas Jefferson, Marshall

No bib numbers – I will have a copy of the entries – have the kids look up their section and lane before going to get their hip numbers.  Results will be posted by the concession stands.

General Admission: $5.00. Concession is open. T-shirts will be on sale $20.00. Temporary bathrooms will be available and the building will be open at Door #5. There will be no access to the Locker rooms. 


Field Events

Chris Gates (Class of 1980)                               - Long Jump
Dale Wallace (Class of 1978)                            - High Jump
Melanie Burgess (Class of 1996)                       - Triple Jump
Joe Swarm (Class of 1991)                                - Shot Put

Field Events begin at 9:00AM – Boy’s LJ (1 Flights - 90 minutes), Girl’s TJ (1 Flight - 90 Minutes), Girl’s Shot Put (1 Flights - 90 minutes), Girl’s HJ

Followed by 11:00AM – Girl’s LJ (1 Flights - 90 Minutes), Boy’s TJ (1 Flight - 90 Minutes), Boy’s Shot Put (1 Flights - 90 Minutes), Boy’s HJ

*Starting Height – Girl’s HJ – 4ft 2in & Boy’s 5ft 2in

Running Events: ALL FINALS

10:00am Running Events - Rolling Schedule Girls followed by Boys
Dave Watt (Class of 1972)                                - 4x800m Relay
Dusty Kuzma (Class of 1976)                            - 55HH
Kim Alcorn (Class of 1985)                              - 55m Dash
John Herborts (Class of 1966)                           - 1600m
Brittany Johnson (Class of 2010)                       - 4x200m Relay
Jacqueline Hargrove (Class of 2007)                  - 500m Dash
John Gross (Class of 1984)                                - 1000m Run
John Lee (Class of 1984)                                   - 300mDash
Mackenzie Haight (Class of 2015)                     - 3200m Run
Elizabeth Johnston (Class of 1994)                    - 4x400m Relay

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