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Sunday March 8th, 2020 Message
(Update 3/8 @ 3PM)

Good Afternoon Track Family. 

Congrats to all the athletes who completed their 1600m time trials on Friday.  Unfortunately, the thunder forced us to curtain the rest of the event.  So, all athletes who missed the event on Friday will do their 1600m time trials on Monday.  Please be down at the track at 3:15PM to take your time trials. We are still collection donation, please submit it online, bring a check "Marshall Boosters" or cash.  All amount will be accepted. No amount is too small.

Mon. March 9th - Picture Day Spring 2020.  We also have picture day.  Please bring a blue shirt, sweats shirt to take the pictures. Everyone should come to practice and then we will go up to do the pictures at 4:15PM in the main gym. A copy of the form is on the website – pick your options and bring your money if you want to want to purchase individuals or team pictures.

Mon. March 9th - Meet the Coaches Night is 6:30PM in the cafeteria, here is your chance parents to meet and ask all your questions.  

Tues. March 10th – Spirit Pack Online Store closed.  Parents you are allowed to purchase items for yourself not just the athletes.  Please see recommendations with the link on the website. The boys do not have a compression short on the site – I will provide a link for athletes interested or they can be purchased online. Please do not purchase any with writing on the outside of the waist band.

We will have the uniforms ready for the first meet but the rest of the spirit the goals is to get it back by March 25th.

We have 3 athletes competing at New Balance Nationals in New York this weekend (Sebastian Malave, Grace Bir, Haley Spoden). The first meet for the spring team will be Wednesday, March 18th at Justice High School in 10 days.

Please complete this availability form so you are entered into the meet.

I will have an updated paperwork list tonight - check the website.

Bailey, KathleenFemale2023 - Freshman Emailxxx
Batsel, Sofia Female2021 - JuniorThrows;xEmailxx
Battista, EmmaFemale2022 - SophomoreDistance;EmailWtrackWtrackWtrack
Canales, WillMale2021 - Junior Emailxxx
Dabich, JacksonMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;xEmailCCCC
Fuller, MaximMale2021 - JuniorSprints;Distance;xxNot on listNot on list
Hill, TaylorMale2021 - JuniorThrows;xxxNot on list
Keyvani, ParimahFemale2021 - Junior Emailxxx
Magri, Hunter   Emailxxx
Mai, ChristopherMale2021 - Junior EmailxWtrackWtrack
Mograbi, MoneebMale2020 - SeniorThrows;xxNot on listNot on list
Mvwakki, Leya   Need to CompleteEmailxx
Odeh,YazanMale2023 - FreshmanSprints;xxNeedNeed
Salem, FatimahFemale2022 - SophomoreDistance;EmailWtrackWtrackWtrack
Sbai, YasminFemale2023 - FreshmanSprints;Throws;xEmailxNot on list
Scarborough, Tatum   Emailxxx
Seyal, AlyshaFemale2023 - Freshman Emailxxx
Sorto Arguesta, JaviMale2021 - Junior Emailxxx
Zelenski, Katie Female2023 - FreshmanSprints;Distance;Throws;xEmailxNot on list
Zuniga, NicolasMale2021 - JuniorSprints;Throws;xEmailxx


  • Paperwork Update – see the website for the link to the paperwork or email me.

    • A list of paperwork received will be on the website. 

  • Sprint/Jumpers/Hurdles/Distance – Event Time Trials – Mon. March 2nd, 2020 – 3:15PM

  • Picture Day – Mon. March 9th – 4PM

    • We will practice on Monday and then take the pictures.

    • Everyone is asked to bring a Marshall Blue shirt or sweatshirt to take the team pictures

  • Meet the Coaches Night – Mon. March 9th – 6:30PM to 8:30PM

    • This is your chance to meet the coach

    • Ask all your questions

    • Join the Marshall Boosters

  • Spirt Pack Online Store Close - Tuesday. March 10th – 9AM

  • Booster Mulch Sales – Fri. March 20th – 5PM to 8PM

  • Home Meet/Senior Night – Wed. March 25th

  • Practice Schedule March 9th to 14th

    • Monday

      • Throwers – weight room in the morning, throwing & 1600m time trials in the afternoon

      • Sprinters, hurdles, jumpers – Time Trials 1600m at 3:15PM

      • Distance Runners – practice

      • Pictures at 4:15PM

      • Meet the Coaches Night at 6:30PM

    • Tuesday

      • Distance, Jumpers, Hurdlers, Sprints – 3:15PM

      • Throwers – throwing in the afternoon

    • Wednesday

      • Throwers – weight room in the morning, throwing in the afternoon

      • Distance, sprinters, hurdles, jumpers at 3:15PM

      • Night Sprinters at 7:00PM

    • Thursday

      • Distance, Jumpers, Hurdlers, Sprints – 3:15PM No Throwing practice

    • Friday

      • Distance, Jumpers, Hurdlers, Sprints – 3:15PM

      • Throwers – weight room in the morning

    • Saturday

      • No team practices

Friday, March 6th 2020 - 1600m Time Trials Results



Here are the Recommended Items from the Spirit Pack.
The closing Deadline is Tues. March 10th, 2020.
Click on the link below to access the Online Store.



Please visit the team website - for all updates, follow us on Twitter.

Sign up for Gcmtrack notifications via Remind (Only join one classroom)

Here are all the forms below needed.

2017 VHSL Physical Form

Emergency Card Card

Parents & Student Concussion Training

Student Information Form

Meet Availability Form

Sunday March 1st, 2020 Message
(Update 3/1 @ 8PM)

Good Night.  Thank you for signing up to be part of the spring track and field team.  This is the first of weekly Sunday messages.  Unfortunately, this is probably last time it will be emailed.  Currently, we have 148 athletes signed up for spring track and field, google and yahoo is not a big fan of sending out email to that many people. They think I am a marketer and spamming you.


Very Important Dates Coming Up in the next 10 days

  • Paperwork Update – see the website for the link to the paperwork or email me.

    • A list of paperwork received as of Wed. Feb. 26th is on the website. 

    • If, you dropped it off on Thursday (27th) or Friday (28th) to Activities Office -it was not accounted for

    • The list will be updated on Monday & Tuesday Night

    • If, you do not have your paperwork completed come Wednesday, you will not be on the team list, mean no practice.

    • If, your paperwork is not completed on Friday, you cannot take the time trials

    • Monday, March 9th – you will not be on the team.

  • Sprint/Jumpers/Hurdles/Distance – Event Time Trials – Mon. March 2nd, 2020 – 3:15PM

  • Fundraisers

    • We need your support for these fundraisers. We need to raise $3,000.00 to pay for invitational Meet, purchase training equipment, senior gifts and food for the athletes at the all track meets.

    • Jersey Mike’s Sub Spirit Night – Tues. March 3rd – 4PM to 9PM

      • Please bring the flyer or let them know you are with Marshall Track and Field

      • We get 15% for all sales

      • It is located in the same shopping plaza as the Road Runner event.

      • It is election day – so the kids have no school, go celebrate the Democratic process

    • Road Runner Team Night – Tuesday, March 3rd – 6PM to 8PM

      • We need parents and athletes both to sign in at this event

      • We get funds based on attendance for parents & athletes

      • We also get a percentage of all sales

      • Highly recommend for new athletes to at least get to know about running shoes and spikes

      • Get fitted for your correct shoes

      • I will be there to answer any questions.

    • Family Fund Run – Friday, March 6th – 3:15PM to 4:30PM

      • This is a mandatory event for all athletes

      • Everyone needs to take the 1600m time trials to be part of the team (Final requirement)

      • If, you miss this event – you will need to take the 3200m time trials on Monday, the 9th

      • We are asking all athletes to raise $30.00 as a donation

      • You can make checks payable to Marshall Boosters or pay online on

      • We will accept all donation regardless of the amount even though we are asking the athletes to raise $30.00

      • This is a pay it forward event – so we can support each other regards of level or experience, everyone benefits

  • Picture Day – Mon. March 9th – 4PM

    • We will practice on Monday and then take the pictures.

    • Everyone is asked to bring a Marshall Blue shirt or sweatshirt to take the team pictures

  • Meet the Coaches Night – Mon. March 9th – 6:30PM to 8:30PM

    • This is your chance to meet the coach

    • Ask all your questions

    • Join the Marshall Boosters

  • Spirt Pack Online Store Close - Tuesday. March 10th – 9AM

  • Winter Award Banquet – Thurs. March 5th – 6pm to 9PM

    • Athletes who competed in Winter Track and Field are expected to attend

    • Track team is asked to bring an entrée for the potluck

    • Please dress for the occasion – no sweats, no jeans, no t-shirt

    • Please sign in at dinner or before you enter the auditorium

    • We are not calling athletes who did not sign in – it will make the ceremony shorter.

  • Booster Mulch Sales – Fri. March 20th – 5PM to 8PM

  • Home Meet/Senior Night – Wed. March 25th


Full Name GenderClassEvent InterestedColumn1GenderClassEvent InterestedColumn1Column1
Schmid, SpencerMale2021 - JuniorDistance;2.24Amarillas, RyanMale2021 - Junior 24.94
Sanders, AidenMale2020 - SeniorDistance;2.26Nayfeh, OmarMale2021 - JuniorSprints;25.03
Nguyen, BrandonMale2022 - SophomoreDistance;2.27Tryon, WilsonMale2020 - SeniorSprints;25.48
Brock, TitusMale2022 - SophomoreDistance;2.29Haggerty, RyanMale2020 - SeniorSprints;25.56
Sadeque, Zimraan Male2022 - SophomoreDistance;2.29Jenkins, CameronMale2023 - FreshmanSprints;26.10
Lee, SamMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;2.30Lewis, SpencerMale2022 - SophomoreSprints;Jumps;26.10
Wilder, HenryMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;2.32Grace, EthanMale2022 - SophomoreSprints;Jumps;26.14
Lagendyk, LeonardoMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;2.33Proctor, ChristosMale2023 - FreshmanSprints;Jumps;26.25
Lee, ClaireFemale2021 - JuniorDistance;2.33Nguyen, Alex Male2020 - SeniorSprints;Jumps;26.43
Smith, SydneyFemale2020 - SeniorDistance;2.36Wilson, NakiaMale2023 - FreshmanSprints;26.47
Ice, Edward Male2022 - SophomoreDistance;2.40Oliver, AlexanderMale2023 - FreshmanSprints;26.58
Lee, CurtisMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;2.41Chang, EthanMale2020 - SeniorSprints;26.62
Mullarkey, JamesMale2022 - SophomoreDistance;2.41Peterson, GrahamMale2023 - FreshmanSprints;27.75
Rader, George Male2023 - FreshmanDistance;2.44Penix, JaimeMale2023 - FreshmanSprints;Distance;Jumps;28.03
Gonzalez, JoseMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;2.47Taranov, Alek Male2023 - FreshmanSprints;Hurdles;28.17
Patke, BhaskarMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;Jumps;2.49Dao, DylanMale2022 - SophomoreSprints;28.21
DonTigny, EmilieFemale2021 - JuniorDistance;2.50Curcio, Alex Male2023 - FreshmanSprints;28.22
Pan, BrennanMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;2.51Knight, Patrick (Julius)Male2022 - SophomoreSprints;28.28
Russin, BenjamjnMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;2.52Duong, TylerMale2022 - SophomoreSprints;28.33
Tedesco, SophiaFemale2020 - SeniorDistance;2.53Tran, TylerMale2023 - FreshmanSprints;28.75
Barnes, AdeleFemale2022 - SophomoreDistance;2.56Tennenbaum, NoahMale2022 - SophomoreSprints;29.00
Kim, LeslieFemale2021 - JuniorThrows;2.56Brand, Miguel Male2023 - FreshmanSprints;Jumps;29.17
McCarthy, RobertMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;2.56Lin, DavidMale2023 - FreshmanSprints;29.25
Salem, RuqaiaFemale2020 - SeniorDistance;2.56Lebron, Jose PauloMale2023 - FreshmanSprints;Jumps;29.31
Church, HenryMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;2.59Zarandazchi, ShervinMale2023 - FreshmanSprints;29.75
Tillotson, DanielMale  2.59Krisko, HaydenMale2023 - FreshmanSprints;Jumps;29.95
Fahey, MichaelMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;3.04Auvil, HenryMale2020 - SeniorHurdles;29.96
Buckley, ReidMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;3.06Temple, NoahMale2022 - SophomoreSprints;Distance;29.97
Sinha, ShaunakMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;3.06Burbano, Malcolm Male2022 - SophomoreSprints;Distance;30.51
Alonso, KathrynFemale2022 - SophomoreDistance;3.08Haizoun, AdamMale2022 - SophomoreSprints;30.75
McCarthy, SydneyFemale2021 - JuniorDistance;3.08Vaidya, VedanshMale2023 - FreshmanSprints;Distance;Jumps;30.78
DeGidio, AlessandraFemale2022 - SophomoreSprints;Distance;Throws;3.09Htay Lwin, Noel Male2023 - FreshmanSprints;31.00
Li, ShinyaFemale2022 - SophomoreSprints;Distance;3.10Brand, NoahMale2023 - FreshmanSprints;31.12
Nolan, KianMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;3.14Skaggs, SarahFemale2023 - FreshmanSprints;31.22
Battista, EmmaFemale2022 - SophomoreDistance;3.15Dinh, Christopher Male2023 - FreshmanSprints;31.64
Bell, LeahFemale2021 - JuniorDistance;3.16Abradu-Otoo, FrancisMale2023 - FreshmanSprints;Jumps;31.69
Tadlock, CatherineFemale2020 - SeniorDistance;3.18Manise, GenevieveFemale2022 - SophomoreSprints;Jumps;31.76
Tadlock, ConnerMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;Throws;3.18Ford, EmmaFemale2022 - SophomoreSprints;Jumps;31.77
Wineland, NaveenMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;3.21Saran, RiyaFemale2020 - SeniorSprints;Hurdles;Jumps;32.72
Salem, FatimahFemale2022 - SophomoreDistance;3.25Teklu, EmanuelMale2023 - FreshmanSprints;Throws;32.87
Holland, HaileyFemale2021 - JuniorDistance;3.27Fuller, MaximMale2021 - JuniorSprints;Distance;33.29
Busch, PaigeFemale2022 - SophomoreDistance;3.40Lum, Sabina Female2021 - JuniorSprints;Hurdles;Jumps;33.51
Vincent, CarolineFemale2023 - FreshmanDistance;3.42Goldberg, Henry Male2023 - FreshmanDistance;33.68
Sun, JustinMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;3.47McCarton, Sydney Female2022 - SophomoreSprints;Jumps;34.51
Al Gailani, AmmarMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;3.55Peksens, JakeMale2023 - FreshmanSprints;34.79
Howard, DavidMale2023 - Freshman 3.56Kazan, HasebaFemale2023 - FreshmanSprints;35.25
Murphy, Allison Female2023 - FreshmanSprints;Distance;3.57Kim, EllieFemale2023 - FreshmanSprints;35.38
Vincent, EmmaFemale2023 - FreshmanDistance;3.58Saruul, OedFemale2023 - FreshmanSprints;Jumps;35.51
Forman, FaithFemale2021 - JuniorDistance;4.15Reskusic, ArijanaFemale2020 - SeniorSprints;Hurdles;36.72
Perrault, IsabelFemale2020 - SeniorDistance;Throws;4.30Mapheto, Thapelo Female2023 - FreshmanSprints;Jumps;36.81

IDFull Name (Last Name, First Name)GenderClassEvent InterestedStudent FormECCPhysicalConcussion
121Abi-Aad, AngeloMale2023 - FreshmanThrows;xxxx
119Abradu-Otoo, FrancisMale2023 - FreshmanSprints;Jumps;xxxx
21Agnew, SerenaFemale2020 - SeniorSprints;Hurdles;Jumps;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
133Al Gailani, AmmarMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;xxxx
72Alonso, KathrynFemale2022 - SophomoreDistance;xxBasketballBasketball
166Amarillas, RyanMale2021 - JuniorSprints;Jumps;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
55Arbuckle, JacobMale2021 - JuniorThrows;xxxx
110Auvil, HenryMale2020 - SeniorHurdles;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
75Barnes, AdeleFemale2022 - SophomoreDistance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
122Bell, LeahFemale2021 - JuniorDistance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
100Brand, Miguel Male2023 - FreshmanSprints;Jumps;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
50Brinza, GabrielMale2022 - SophomoreDistance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
81Brock, TitusMale2022 - SophomoreDistance;xxWtrackWtrack
26Buckley, ReidMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
36Burbano, Malcolm Male2022 - SophomoreSprints;Distance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
10Busch, PaigeFemale2022 - SophomoreDistance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
45Caraway, EvanMale2023 - FreshmanThrows;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
114Chang, EthanMale2020 - SeniorSprints;xxWtrackWtrack
123Choe, AaronMale2021 - JuniorThrows;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
46Church, HenryMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
103Curcio, Alex Male2023 - FreshmanSprints;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
18Curran,Veronica Female2023 - FreshmanSprints;Jumps;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
57Dabich, BenjaminMale2020 - SeniorDistance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
54Dao, DylanMale2022 - SophomoreSprints;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
90DeGidio, AlessandraFemale2022 - SophomoreSprints;Distance;Throws;xxCCCC
150Dimri, ShellyFemale2023 - FreshmanSprints;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
149Dinh, Christopher Male2023 - FreshmanSprints;xxxx
76DonTigny, EmilieFemale2021 - JuniorDistance;xxWtrackWtrack
70Dumont, CharlieMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;xxWtrackWtrack
61Duong, TylerMale2022 - SophomoreSprints;xxxx
39El-Hage, NoraFemale2023 - FreshmanSprints;Throws;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
47Epstein, ElizabethFemale2021 - JuniorDistance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
138Fahey, MichaelMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
84Fitzgerald, CaitlynFemale2022 - SophomoreThrows;xxxx
88Ford, EmmaFemale2022 - SophomoreSprints;Jumps;xxBasketballBasketball
3Forman, FaithFemale2021 - JuniorDistance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
134Forney, AveryFemale2023 - FreshmanSprints;xWtrackxx
98Gatti, AlessandroMale2020 - SeniorThrows;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
44Gattuso, AndreMale2022 - SophomoreDistance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
142Ghanbarzadeh, ArmanMale2023 - FreshmanSprints;xxxx
135Goldberg, Henry Male2023 - FreshmanDistance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
104Gonzalez, JoseMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;xxWtrackWtrack
141Grace, EthanMale2022 - SophomoreSprints;Jumps;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
162Haggerty, RyanMale2020 - SeniorSprints;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
164Haizoun, AdamMale2022 - SophomoreSprints;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
129Haldeman, DanielMale2020 - SeniorSprints;Hurdles;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
79Hickey, StephenMale2021 - JuniorThrows;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
101Holland, HaileyFemale2021 - JuniorDistance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
146Htay Lwin, Noel Male2023 - FreshmanSprints;xxxx
152Hughes, Rylie Female2022 - SophomoreSprints;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
125Ice, Edward Male2022 - SophomoreDistance;xxCCCC
48Jenkins, CameronMale2023 - FreshmanSprints;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
2Katz, BenMale2022 - SophomoreThrows;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
148Kazan, HasebaFemale2023 - FreshmanSprints;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
136Kazden, NaomiFemale2023 - FreshmanSprints;Jumps;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
34Khachab, MayaFemale2021 - JuniorSprints;xxxx
102Kiersz, ChrisMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;Jumps;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
91Kim, EllieFemale2023 - FreshmanSprints;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
22Kim, LeslieFemale2021 - JuniorThrows;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
31Knight, Patrick (Julius)Male2022 - SophomoreSprints;xxxx
37Krisko, HaydenMale2023 - FreshmanSprints;Jumps;xxxx
169Lagendyk, LeonardoMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
147Lagman, SamanthaFemale2023 - FreshmanThrows;xxxx
151Lam, Ashley   xxxx
87Lebron, Jose PauloMale2023 - FreshmanSprints;Jumps;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
113Lee, AndrewMale2021 - JuniorSprints;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
24Lee, ClaireFemale2021 - JuniorDistance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
97Lee, CurtisMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
95Lee, SamMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
86Lewis, Noelle Female2020 - SeniorSprints;Jumps;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
155Lewis, SpencerMale2022 - SophomoreSprints;Jumps;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
115Li, ShinyaFemale2022 - SophomoreSprints;Distance;xxWtrackWtrack
158Lin, DavidMale2023 - FreshmanSprints;xxxx
73Lum, Sabina Female2021 - JuniorSprints;Hurdles;Jumps;xxxx
161Malave, SebastianMale2021 - JuniorDistance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
93Manise, GenevieveFemale2022 - SophomoreSprints;Jumps;xxField HockeyField Hockey
140Mapheto, Thapelo Female2023 - FreshmanSprints;Jumps;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
19McCarthy, RobertMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
33McCarthy, SydneyFemale2021 - JuniorDistance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
58McCarton, Sydney Female2022 - SophomoreSprints;Jumps;xxxx
25McNabb, Gavin Male2020 - SeniorSprints;Hurdles;Jumps;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
156mineya, yasmineFemale2023 - FreshmanSprints;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
60Morgan, GarethMale2021 - JuniorThrows;xxxx
43Mullarkey, JamesMale2022 - SophomoreDistance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
5Murphy, Allison Female2023 - FreshmanSprints;Distance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
78Nayfeh, OmarMale2021 - JuniorSprints;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
29Nguyen, Alex Male2020 - SeniorSprints;Jumps;xxxx
4Nguyen, BrandonMale2022 - SophomoreDistance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
51Nguyen, MinhMale2021 - JuniorThrows;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
132Nolan, KianMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;xxxx
7Oliver, AlexanderMale2023 - FreshmanSprints;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
77Oliver, SethMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
56Palm, BrockMale2021 - JuniorThrows;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
13Pan, BrennanMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;xxxx
105Parrott, WilliamMale2020 - SeniorThrows;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
28Patke, BhaskarMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;Jumps;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
94Peksens, JakeMale2023 - FreshmanSprints;xxyfootballyfootball
20Penix, JaimeMale2023 - FreshmanSprints;Distance;Jumps;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
143Perrault, AdamMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;Throws;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
108Perrault, IsabelFemale2020 - SeniorDistance;Throws;xxxx
23Peterson, GrahamMale2023 - FreshmanSprints;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
107Pham, AnsonMale2021 - JuniorThrows;xxxx
157Piazza, MaksimMale2021 - JuniorThrows;xxyfootballyfootball
9Pounder, Sarah Female2021 - JuniorThrows;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
159Proctor, ChristosMale2023 - FreshmanSprints;Jumps;xxyfootballyfootball
11Qureshi, AamirMale2021 - JuniorSprints;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
80Rader, George Male2023 - FreshmanDistance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
145Raghavan, AdityaMale2020 - SeniorThrows;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
112Reback, KatherineFemale2021 - JuniorSprints;Jumps;xxxx
109Reskusic, ArijanaFemale2020 - SeniorSprints;Hurdles;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
16Russin, BenjamjnMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
116Russin, JuliaFemale2021 - JuniorThrows;xxxx
49Sadeque, Zimraan Male2022 - SophomoreDistance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
111Salem, RuqaiaFemale2020 - SeniorDistance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
6Sandall, Gavin Male2023 - FreshmanSprints;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
67Sanders, AidenMale2020 - SeniorDistance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
68Sanders, SeanMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
69Saran, RiyaFemale2020 - SeniorSprints;Hurdles;Jumps;xxDiveDive
92Sarnovsky, AdamMale2021 - JuniorSprints;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
153Sarnovsky, AdamMale2021 - JuniorSprints;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
163Saruul, OedFemale2023 - FreshmanSprints;Jumps;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
154Schmid, SpencerMale2021 - JuniorDistance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
139Schwartz, EthanMale2023 - FreshmanThrows;xxxx
41Shahi, JeevanMale2022 - SophomoreSprints;Throws;xxxx
131Sinha, ShaunakMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;xxxx
8Skaggs, SarahFemale2023 - FreshmanSprints;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
99Smith, PatrickMale2021 - JuniorDistance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
64Smith, SydneyFemale2020 - SeniorDistance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
82Smith, ZacharyMale2022 - SophomoreThrows;xxyfootballyfootball
12Spoden, HaleyFemale2023 - FreshmanDistance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
66Stuart, Riley Female2023 - FreshmanSprints;Hurdles;Jumps;xxxx
96Sun, JustinMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;xxxx
124Tadlock, CatherineFemale2020 - SeniorDistance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
27Tadlock, ConnerMale2023 - FreshmanDistance;Throws;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
15Taranov, Alek Male2023 - FreshmanSprints;Hurdles;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
32Tarutani, AveryFemale2022 - SophomoreSprints;Hurdles;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
38Taylor, EthanMale2023 - FreshmanSprints;Distance;Hurdles;xxxx
89Tedesco, SophiaFemale2020 - SeniorDistance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
71Tedesco, WillMale2022 - SophomoreDistance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
14Temple, NoahMale2022 - SophomoreSprints;Distance;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
144Tennenbaum, NoahMale2022 - SophomoreSprints;xxxx
35Thompson, Ian Male2020 - SeniorSprints;Jumps;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
137Thompson, ZoeFemale2023 - FreshmanSprints;Distance;Jumps;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
118Tilahun, MayaFemale2021 - JuniorSprints;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
53Tran, TylerMale2023 - FreshmanSprints;xWtrackWtrackWtrack
42Tryon, WilsonMale2020 - SeniorSprints;