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GCM Winter T&F 17 18 (Updated 08/16/17)


v  All four (4) pieces of paperwork below need to be verified before you will be allowed to be added to the roster.

v  No one will we be allowed to participate without all paperwork completed and verified by the Coach Wong.

v  You will have 10 days to join the team, If, you are trying out for another sport and want to keep your options open for track and field, all paperwork needs to be submit by the deadline.

   VHSL Physical/Eligibility form

          This form needs to be on file to begin any physical activities including conditioning.

          Coaches will not be accepting any physicals it needs be verified by Athletic Trainers or Activities.

   Concussion Education for both parents & students

          This course needs to be completed online and verified by Athletic Trainers or Kathy in Activities

          Only needs to be completed once per each school year

   Emergency Care Card

          You are only required to complete one for Winter & Spring. Cross-country or any other sport does not count.

          New athletes to Spring T&F will need to submit one to Coach Wong

          I recommend everyone to go online complete the form, print it and then by the parents sign the form.

Link to all the school forms - https://marshallhs.fcps.edu/student-life-and-activities/athletics

   Student Athlete Information Sheet / Rules Package (Will be available a week before the season)

          If, you do not attend the interest meeting or cannot get a copy from the track and field box in the Activities Office - you will need to email Coach Wong to get a copy (gcmtrack@gmail.com)

          The last sheet needs to be signed by athlete and your parent/guardian’s acknowledging that you and your Parent/Guardians have read and understand the rules. Only Return the last page of the Track and field packet

  Tryout Guidelines

o    Everyone is required to complete the 1600 time trial.

o    All boys need to complete the mile between 7:00 to 9:00 minutes.

o    All girls need to complete the mile in 8:30 to 11:30 minutes.

o    The time trial will be complete on Sat, Nov.18th  as part of the Team Family Fun Run.  If, you cannot make this event – your last chance will be Monday. Nov. 20th and you will need to complete the 3200m in 15:00 minutes.

  Attendance Policy

o    All practices and meets are MANDATORY. All schedule conflicts need to be addressed in writing to the head coach as soon as possible.  Practices can begin as early as 3:15PM and will last between 2 and 3 hours.  There will be other practices for sprinters, jumpers and shot putters addressed by those Coaches. We will have on day off during the week – TBA. An unexcused absence from any meet in which you are entered to compete will result in you missing the next schedule meet. An unexcused absence from an invitational in which you are entered, automatically means you miss the next invitational.  One absence of any kind during the week, equal two absences because you have Thursday or Friday off and it will be the Head Coach’s Decision if you will compete that week. Four (4) unexcused absences will equal probation, five (5) unexcused absences equal Suspension from the meets and an unexcused Sixth (6) absence will equal Dismissal from the team.

e  Lettering and Awards Policies

o    Certificate Of Participation

   Complete the season in good standing.

   To be in good standing with the team – athletes are expected to display effort and a positive attitude in their events and towards their coaches, teammates, and competitors.

   Return their school issued uniforms a week after their final competition.

   Compete in at least 4 meets.

   Compete in the last meet quad or invitational meet they are entered by the coaches including the championships.

Important links – follow them to get all the updates.

Team Website  http://www.gcmtrackandfield.com/

School Athletics Website - http://www.gcmstatesmensports.org/

Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/

Search: Marshallhs Trackandfield or headcoachwong@yahoo.com


Facebook Fan Page - Search: George C. Marshall Track and field



Twitter Search: @gcmtrack



o    Booster’s Christmas Tree Sales

o    All member of the team are required to participate in this annual most important Booster’s fundraising event. Athletes will be working a date determined by the organizers. We will need parents and students to work shifts usually between one (1) to three (3).

o    Team Fundraiser

o    Team Fun Run Event – Sat. Nov. 18th - Athletes will be asked to seek a sponsor to support them.

o    Road Runner Team Night – Thurs. Nov. 16th & Nov. 30th.

o    Team Spirit Pack - All spirit pack will be order through the online store; it will be listed on the team website – www.gcmtrackandfield.com .


  Meet/Funds Notes

1.        Wednesday Dec. 2nd  home meet - will need 40 to 50 Parent Volunteers

2.        Quad Meets - Parent Volunteers, Timers, field event help and scorers

3.        Invitationals - Everyone will be eligible to attend based on Performance at Quad Meet and Practices, Attendance at practices and meets

Download Information for Winter T&F (Update 9/13/17)





















2016 - 2017
Winter Track & Field

Junior Heather Holt will be competing at the Footlocker Cross-Country National Championship this Saturday, Dec. 10th in San Diego, CA. Good luck, we are proud of you. Here is the link to catch her race live - http://footlockercc.com/nationals.shtml  at 9:15AM (PST) or 12:15PM our time.

November 2016 Winter Family Fun Runner Winners


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Girl’s Capitol Conference 13 Team Winter 2015 - 2016 Champions


LEAVE A LEGACY  - my favorite part of video - get the message - Leave a legacy - it cannot be changed. Time can go by - others might come whose better than you but if you make history and leave it on the track - nothing will or can ever change the record for 2015 - 2016 Season.





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