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District Champs Day Two Info
(Update 5/8 @ 11:02PM)

Congrats to everyone on a great first day.  See the highlights on Twitter and meet results is on the team site.

Notes for tomorrow.

1.  If you didn't give me your number back - you need to bring tomorrow.  We don't have replacements. You need the same numbers and same pins to run with. 

2. The new enforcement and they are disqualifying people.  You can only be in the field when you're about to run your event and you have to stay in the end zone once you're finished.  No running, hanging out and cheering on your teammates.  No coaches on the infield.  No electronics on the field. If, any official speak to you - do as you're told. 

3. Bus leaves at 2:55 PM - just like today from the lower parking lot. 

5. Top 3 Relays and Top 6 individuals qualify for regional champs.  If you are in a final - you have to finish to earn your top spot to advance to regionals.  


Tuesday May 8th, 2018


4:15 Weigh and certify Boys Discus, Girls Shot, Boys pole vault weigh ins and pole verification 

5:00     Boys Discus, Girls Shot Put
           Boys Long Jump (pit1) and Girls Triple Jump (pit 2)
           Girls High Jump
5:30     Boys pole vault

Running Events- Preliminaries

6:00 Girls 100 Hurdles Semi-final

6:10 Boys 110m High Hurdles Semi-Final 
6:20 Girls 100m Dash Semi-Finals
6:30 Boys 100m Dash Semi-Finals
6:40 Girls 400m Dash Semi-Finals
6:50 Boys 400m Dash Semi-Finals

7:00 Girls 4X800 Meter Relay Final
7:15 Boys 4X800 Meter Relay - Final
7:30 Girls 300m Hurdles Semi-Finals

7:40 Boys 300m Hurdles Semi-Finals
7:50 Girls 200m Dash Semi-Finals
8:00 Boys 200m Dash Semi-Finals

Wednesday, May 9th 2018

4:15 Weigh and certify Girls Discus, Boys shot, Girls pole vault weigh ins and pole verification  

5:00    Girls Long Jump (pit 1) Boys Triple Jump (pit 2)
           Girls Discus, Boys Shot put
           Boys High Jump

5:30 Girls Pole Vault

5:50 National Anthem
5:55 Introduction of Coaches and Teams
Running Events Finals

6:00 Girls 100m High Hurdles Finals

6:05 Boys 110m High Hurdles Finals

6:10 Girls 100m Dash Finals
6:15 Boys 100m Dash Finals
6:20 Girls 1600m Run (Finals on time)
6:30 Boys 1600m Run (Finals on time)
6:40 Girls 400m Relay Finals
6:50 Boys 400m Relay Finals
7:00 Girls 400m Dash
7:05 Boys 400m Dash
7:10 Girls 300m Hurdles
7:15 Boys 300m Hurdles
7:20 Girls 800m Run
7:30 Boys 800m Run
7:40 Girls 200m Dash
7:45 Boys 200m Dash
7:50 Girls 3200m Run
8:05 Boys 3200m Run
8:25 Girls 1600m Relay
8:30 Boys 1600m Relay
8:50 Presentation of Team Trophies

Congratulations - District Team

Congrats to everyone on an awesome regular season. We sure finished with some great performances at the Wednesday meet at Falls Church and Nike Invitational at South Lakes. Many of the decision for the final selections to the District Championship team was made at those final meets.

Please see the entries below for the athletes who were selected to represent the team and the school at the championship on Tuesday, May 8th and Wednesday, May 9th at Edison High School.

Few items.

1. I need all athletes selected to email if you have IB exams on Tuesday and Wednesday ASAP - so that could possibly conflicts with getting to the meet on time can be address at the coaches meeting on Monday, May 7th. Check the event schedule and estimated time and email me. 

2. Only members of the championship team have practices going forward. There will be practice tomorrow - Monday, May 7th - Sprinters will be at 4:30PM.  Distance, hurdlers, and jumpers at 3:15 PM.  Throwers - please talk with Coach Portillo.

3. All alternates for the relays need to attend the meet on those days (4x8 on Tuesday and 4x1 & 4x4 on Wednesday).  If you are not competing - you do not need to attend especially on Tuesday. Also, all members to the team are relay alternates - so if qualify for the championship - you can be called on to run on any relay.

4. Attached is the final regular season rankings - it includes all performances.  If, you see any error - let me know. 

5. If, you are on the rankings - you have achieved your participation certificate for the season - athletes achieving lettering will be announced at the Sports Banquet.

6. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Clifford C. Wong, USATF Certified Level 1
Head Track and Field Coach
George C. Marshall HS
Ph: 301-793-2900

Nike Invitational - Sat. May 5th Info.


*Reminder - If you are entered into meet and does not compete - you will not letter and you will not get credit for the season. Per the rules packet - you have to compete in the last regular season meet you are entered.

Updated Nike Estimated Time Schedule (10AM 5/4)


Nike Invitational Prelim Entries (Update 5/3 @ 1232AM)

Nike Invitational Schedule of Events


Sunday, April 29th, 2018 T&F Update

  1. Excellent job everyone at the meets last week at Edison, Penn Relays & Chantilly.  Super proud of all of you. I will update the website with all the results and team performance list before practice on Monday.


  2. We are less than two weeks from the District Championship on Tuesday, May 8th and Wednesday, 9th at Edison High School in Alexandria, VA.


  3. You only have two meets to make your final marks in the regular season, last chances to position yourself to get selected for the District, Regional and State Championship team. Also, last chance to ensure you get your participation certificate. See below

    1. Certificate of Participation

      1. Complete the season in good standing. To be in good standing with the team – athletes are expected to display effort and a positive attitude in their events and towards their coaches, teammates, and competitors. Return their school issued uniforms a week after their final competition. Compete in at least 4 meets 3 meets. Compete in the last meet quad or invitational meet they are entered by the coaches including the championships.


  4. There is a change in the meet format for the final Mega Meet.  Instead of having A & B schedule – the coaches have decided to have a full meet which means – we have limited entries.  We can now only have 8 entries in the individual entries and 5 relays


  5. We have a meet on Saturday, 90% of the athletes competing on Saturday will not compete in an open event – we will leave those spots open for others to get a chance to compete.  Those athletes will be running in the relays.


  6. Monday practice is even more important – we will make the entries from the people who sign in and indicate they can attend the meet.  Please check off if you can attend on Wednesday and Saturday.


  7. Nike Invitational Meet starts at 3:30PM – it designs for people who take the SAT or ACT to be able to compete.  So, testing should not affect your chances to compete on Saturday.


  8. High jumpers will have practice on Monday and Tuesday of this week at 4PM with Coach Robinson.


  9. Night practice athletes – you should have gotten an email telling you what time you will be practicing on Monday. If, you didn’t please email me.  There will be no night practice on Thursday, May 5th.  Everyone whose competing Saturday will practice at 3:15PM.


  10. REMINDER: Please join Twitter, Facebook, Remind and check the team website – for updates.  There will be no mass email sent to the team.

  11. If, you have spirit pack to pick up – ask a track and field Coach – they have keys to the ticket booth.

Falls Church Meet - Wed. May 2nd Info.

*Please let me know if you cannot make it. We are limited with space, so we can replace you in the meet.

*If, you are missing from the list, please email me and I will see what can do.

*Entries close at 10PM on Tuesday.

*Reminder - If you are entered into meet and does not compete - you will not letter and you will not get credit for the season. Per the rules packet - you have to compete in the last regular season meet you are entered.

Falls Church Mega Meet Program (Update 3PM)

Final Falls Church May 2nd - Entries (Updated 11PM - 5/1)

5:00pm                 Girls Discus

                               Boys Shot put

                                Girls Long Jump ( 1 hour open pit 5 entries)

                                Boys High Jump

                                Girls and Boys Pole Vault

6:00pm                 Boys Long Jump (1 hour open pit 5 entries)

6:30pm                 Boys Discus

                                Girls Shot put

                                Girls High Jump

7:00pm                 Girls Triple Jump (1 hour open pit 5 entries)

8:00pm                 Boys Triple Jump (1 hour open pit 5 entries)



5:30 (1)  Girls/Boys 4x800 Meter Relay (Combined 8 teams total

5:45 (3) Girls 100 meter Hurdles

5:55 (5) Boys 110 meter hurdles (4 entries)

6:05 (7) Girls 100 meter dash (8 entries)

6:15 (9) Boys 100 meter dash (8 entries)

6:25 (1) Girls 1600 meter run (5 entries)

6:35 (2) Boys 1600 meter run (5 entries)

6:50 (2) Girls 4x100 relay (3 teams)

7:00 (2) Boys 4x100 relay (3 teams)

7:10 (3) Girls 400 meter dash (5 entries)

7:15 (7) Boys 400 meter dash (5 entries)

7:25 (3) Girls 300 meter hurdles (4 entries)

7:35 (5) Boys 300 meter hurdles (4 entries)

7:45 (2) Girls 800 meter run (5 entries)

7:55 (3) Boys 800 meter run (5 entries)

8:05 (5) Girls 200 meter dash (8 entries)

8:15 (8) Boys 200 meter dash (8 entries)

8:25 (1) Girls/Boys 3200 meter run

8:40 (1) Girls 4x400 meter relay (3 teams)

8:45 (1) Boys 4x400 meter relay (3 teams)



Updated Chantilly Invitational Meet Entries by Name (4/27 5PM)

Updated Chantilly Invitational Meet Entries by Events (4/27 5PM)

Chantilly Cassel's Invitational Order of Events

Sunday, April 22nd, 2018 T&F Update

  1. This week is going to be very busy at least for me. We have 3 meets: Wednesday (Edison HS), Thursday (UPenn), Saturday (Chantilly HS).

  2. Practice Schedule for the Week –

    1. Monday 4/22 – Practice at 3:15PM and 6:30PM.

    2. Tuesday Regular practice at 3:15PM

    3. Wednesday – Meet A @ Edison HS

      1. Entries will be based on attendance. Limited to the first 98 athletes.

      2. Athletes competing at Penn Relays and most athletes competing at Chantilly Invitational will not be competing on Wednesday.

      3. Buses will leave at 3:30PM from track lot (That is what was requested). However, it is possible they might to go to Door #9 or Door #4. Coaches please have an athlete check the other sites.

    4. Thursday – Only jumpers & Throwers & Distance Runners have practice at 3:15PM.

    5. Girl’s 4x1, 4x4 & DMR competes at Penn Relays

    6. Friday – No practice.

    7. Saturday – Chantilly/Cassel’s Invitational

      1. Bus leaves at 7AM from the track lot

  3. REMINDER: Please join Twitter, Facebook, Remind and check the team website – for updates.  There will be no mass email sent to the team.

  4. If, you have spirit pack to pick up – ask a track and field Coach – they have keys to the ticket booth.

Athletes attending the Penn Relays
April 25th & 26th

Bardach, Natalie M (19)
Berliner, Isabella A (19)
Bir, Grace E (20)
Dirkse, Michelle G (18)
Hamilton, Khristen A (19)
Holt, Ashley (18)
Holt, Heather (18)
Johnson, Simien D (19)
Jones-Suggs, Makayla R (21)
Lee, Anabelle R (19)
Sheth, Keya A (20)
Sullivan, Caroline A (21)
Tedesco, Sophie E (20)

Marshall Team Program April 25th - know your section and Lane

Edison Meet A Full Program (Update 12:07PM)



Edison A Meet on April 25th Entries by Name (Update 7:30PM 4/24)

Edison A Meet on April 25th Entries by Event (Update 7:30PM 4/24)



Guidelines for Home Meet A 

Wednesday, April 18th, 2018

  1. All Athletes need to come down to the track and help setup for the meet. Please make sure and sign in.  Please put your bags in the stands at the finish line – don’t let another team come and take that spot.

  2. Seniors will be honored – we need you and your parents to line up by 4:30PM to be honored by 4:45PM.

  3. Field events starts at 5PM

  4. Running events starts at 5:30PM with the 4x800m.

  5. Please make sure and sign out at the end of the night. It is your responsible.  We will have a drawing for prizes at the end.

  6. No entries will be posted. Everyone will be competing at the home meet. Athletes running the 4x8 will be notified on the day of the meet by Coach General.

  7. I am adding all jumpers to the both jumps. It up to you to choose which one you will compete in. It easier to take you out than put you in.

Entries for April 18th Meet by Events

Entries for April 18th Meet by Name


Sunday, April 15st, 2018 T&F Update

  1. Senior Night is Wednesday, April 18th. Parents & Athletes – we will like for you to assemble in the end zone by jump pits at 4:30PM for the ceremony to start at 4:45PM with the Principal and DSA.

  2. Practice Schedule for the Week –

    1. Monday 4/16 – Student Holiday

      1. Coach General @ 12PM

      2. Coach Harman @ 3:15PM (Weather permitting)

      3. Coach Wong @ 6PM

    2. Tuesday Regular practice at 3:15PM (will start setting up for the home meet too as part of practice)

    3. Wednesday – Meet Day @ Home

      1. All Athletes will compete who attend practice on Monday and Tuesday. Unless it something urgent no one should miss this meet – there is no bus restrictions.

      2. Athletes on the music trip are excused and will be allowed to compete.

      3. Athletes need to be down at the track at 3:15PM to help setup

      4. We will be taking attendance at the end of the meet – leaving early could results in missing the next meet. THIS IS OUR HOME MEET – WE ONLY HAVE ONE.

      5. Everyone is expected to stay for the whole meet to clean up and help out at our/your only home meet. Plan accordingly

    4. Thursday (Select practice)

      1. Coach General @ 3:15PM

      2. Coach Wong @ 6:30PM (Will email the list)

      3. Coach Portillo @ 3:15PM

      4. Jumpers will be contacted

      5. Most athletes who competed on Wednesday will have the day off

    5. Friday – No practice – Prom Prepare begins

    6. Saturday – No practice – Enjoy the prom or the day off

  3. Parents – we need your volunteer powers – I email the sign-up genius. Here is the link – check the email for the passcode – or email me @ headcoachwong@

  4. Entries are entered in to the system – so it needs to be correct.  Jumpers if you don’t see your name in the entries – you have to email me – I cannot add you to the meet after the final entries are closed.

  5. REMINDER: Please join Twitter, Facebook, Remind and check the team website – for updates.  There will be no mass email sent to the team.

  6. If, you have spirit pack to pick up – ask a track and field Coach – they have keys to the ticket booth.




Northern VA Invitational Entries by Name (Updated 1PM on 4/12)

Northern VA Invitational Entries by Event (Updated 1PM on 4/12)

Stuart Meet B Results April 11th, 2018

NoVA Invite @ Robinson HS Estimate Time Schedule

Only these athletes have practice on Thursday, April 12th @ 3:15PM
*You are schedule to compete on Friday and/or Saturday at Northern VA Invitational

Al-Barazanchi, Maryam A (19)
Bardach, Natalie M (19)
Bir, Grace E (20)
Blackwell, William (20)
Blakeley, Coleman Z (19)
Broadbent, Jeffrey K (20)
Brooke, James T (18)
Burke, Kyle T (19)
Church, Oliver F (18)
Cintorino, Lucas E (18)
Dabich, Benjamin C (20)
Dirkse, Michelle G (18)
DonTigny, Emilie T (21)
Garg, Esheka (20)
Gillmore, Austin R (18)
Guliyeva, Turbat (19)
Hamilton, Khristen A (19)
Hernandez Jimenez, Wanderley I (19)
Holt, Ashley (18)
Holt, Heather (18)
Hughes, Tanner M (19)
Ice, Madeline (20)
Johnson, Simien D (19)
Jones-Suggs, Makayla R (21)
Kennedy, Sanchir T (19)
Kennedy, Tatiana A (18)
Lagendyk, Marco A (21)
Lee, Anabelle R (19)
Leonard, Talon W (20)
Lopez-Choquez, Elias (20)
Luo, Jiahao (18)
MacNicol, Piper L (18)
Malave, Sebastian N (21)
Marlowe, Lily C (21)
McCarthy, Sydney L (21)
McNabb, Gavin (20)
Milbury, Odin D (21)
Mohran, Yasmin (21)
Nayfeh, Omar (21)
Nininger, Colin D (19)
Orozco, Nina S (19)
Quin, Connor N (18)
Qureshi, Aamir Z (21)
Reskusic, Arijana (20)
Salem, Ruqaia (20)
Sarnovsky, Adam (21)
Schlechty, Abigail R (19)
Schmid, Spencer T (21)
Schmidt, Nicole C (18)
Smith, Benjamin S (19)
Stuart, Delaney E (19)
Sullivan, Caroline A (21)
Sweeney, Thomas P (20)
Tadlock, Catherine H (20)
Tadlock, Sarah M (19)
Tedesco, Sophie E (20)
Toubassi, Tala (19)
Walcott, Jr., Alvin (18)
Wan, Annaliese (19)
Watts, Brady R (18)
Watts, Liam B (20)
Weeks, Mary A (20)
Yeboah, Emmanuel K (20)

Notes from the Meet Director

 Stuart Meet B April 11th

(Update 11:26AM)

2-      There a ton of boys in the shot.

3-      NO POLE VAULT at this meet

4-      Field events get going at 5:15 and running at 5:45

5-      Meet should run about the same time as last weeks.



Meet Program for Stuart Meet B - April 11th 2018

Stuart Meet B Entries by Name (Update 9:40PM)

Stuart Meet B Entries by Event (Update 9:40PM)

Sunday, April 8st, 2018 T&F Update

  1. Hope everyone enjoyed the cold weather meets. Lets hope that is over for now – Wed (4/11), Friday (4/13) and Saturday (4/14) expect weather is 57, 64 and 74.   

  2. Spirit pack will be hand-out on Monday, April 9th at 315PM. Please try and pick it up on Monday. 

  3. Practice Schedule for the Week –

    1. Regular practice at 3:15PM. Night sprinters - 4:PM to 5:45PM. No 6:00PM practice.

    2. Regular practice at 3:15PM

    3. W – Meet Day (Athletes not competing 3:15PM practice)

    4. TH – All Athletes competing on 13th & 14th at 315PM  Updated (4/8 @ 10:13PM) 

    5. F – Northern VA Invitational at Robinson HS.  Buses will leave at 2:45PM or earlier.  Students have half a day.  We might do a movie and pizza after school – TBA on Tuesday

    6. S – Northern VA Invitational Day 2 – Bus leaves at 7:00AM.

  4. Attendance on Monday, April 9th and then Tuesday, April 10th will be used to determine the entries for the Wednesday, April 11th Meet.  Please answer the questions on your availability to attend the meet.

  5. We need you to answer the available for Friday 13th and Saturday 14th meet. It is possible to run on Friday and not the Saturday. So, make you choices know.

  6. Second district mega meet is Wednesday, April 11th at J.E.B Stuart High School in Falls Church, VA.  Entries to the meet will be based on attendance.  We will do a sign in on Monday & Tuesday to confirm everyone’s availability.  The weather is expected to be in the middle 50’s. Athletes will be allowed to wear tights and T-shirts under their uniform top and bottoms.  You cannot wear sweat pants or sweat tops to compete with. Final Entries will be posted on Tuesday at 8PM.

  7. We only have two buses for the meet – that is a max of 96 athletes. If, any parents are attending the meet and will be taking your student/athletes – let me know and so we can award someone else a spot on the bus.  Also, I will allow athletes to drive to the meet but it needs to be arranged with me (only me – Coach Wong) by Monday night.  Please email if you are interested parents and athletes.

  8. I will post a bulletin for the meet separate from this message with bus info, address and meet notes.

  9. Entries are entered in to the system – so it needs to be correct.  Jumpers if you don’t see your name in the entries – you have to email me – I cannot add you to the meet after the final entries are closed.

  10. REMINDER: Please join Twitter, Facebook, Remind and check the team website – for updates.  There will be no mass email sent to the team.


Stuart Meet B - April 11th Entries based on Monday's Attendance

*Entries were based on attendance and coaches decisions. If, you are in the wrong event or missing a field event - email ASAP
*Anyone else wishing to compete will be placed on a waiting list.
*If, you are listed and cannot compete - let me know and we can add someone
*If, you are not listed, attend Tuesday's practice and your parent can get you to the meet, please email me.
*Everyone will compete at next week's home meet April 18th (assuming you attending practices.

Meet Information - Entries - Schedule of Events - Dunbar April 7th (Updated 1:22AM 4/6)

New Announcement!!!!!

(Updated 4/4 @ 10:51PM)

  1. Most athletes who compete Wednesday, April 4th will NOT have practice on Thursday.  These athletes will practice on Friday at 3:15PM.  There a few exceptions and you will be email directly.

  2. All Throwers have practice on Thursday at 3:15PM

  3. All Hurdlers have practice on Friday at 3:15PM

  4. Night Sprinters who did not compete today will have practice at 6:30PM on Thursday night.

  5. The following athlete has practice on Thursday because you are schedule to compete on Saturday. 

    1. If, you are hurdler on this list  – you will go Friday not Thursday.

    2. Sprinters on this list will practice at 6:30PM

    3. Distance Runners at 3:15PM


Abdullah, Farsheed M (19)

Bardach, Natalie M (19)

Berliner, Isabella A (19)

Bir, Grace E (20)

Blackwell, William (20)

Blakeley, Coleman Z (19)

Broadbent, Jeffrey K (20)

Brooke, James T (18)

Burke, Kyle T (19)

Church, Oliver F (18)

DonTigny, Emilie T (21)

Gillmore, Austin R (18)

Guliyeva, Turbat (19)

Hamilton, Khristen A (19)

Hernandez Jimenez, Wanderley I (19)

Holt, Ashley (18)

Holt, Heather (18)

Hughes, Tanner M (19)

Kennedy, Sanchir T (19)

Kennedy, Tatiana A (18)

Lagendyk, Marco A (21)

Lee, Anabelle R (19)

Leonard, Talon W (20)

Luo, Jiahao (18)

Malave, Sebastian N (21)

Mejia, Estefani D (20)

Mohd, Aiman (21)

Nininger, Colin D (19)

Nolan-Landwehr, Eileen (20)

Quin, Connor N (18)

Reskusic, Arijana (20)

Salazar, Maria D (19)

Salem, Ruqaia (20)

Schlechty, Abigail R (19)

Smith, Benjamin S (19)

Stuart, Delaney E (19)

Sullivan, Caroline A (21)

Tadlock, Catherine H (20)

Tadlock, Sarah M (19)

Tedesco, Sophie E (20)

Walcott, Jr., Alvin (18)

Wan, Annaliese (19)

Watts, Brady R (18)

Watts, Liam B (20)



Hello All From the Meet Director (Update 4/4 @ 12 Noon)


Below is the meet program (please have athlete remember their heats before checking in), we have an hour of 3200m races but that is OK as it gives the 400 runners in the field events time to get their jumps in. We move the start of the Girls 3200 to 5:30 instead of 5:45.


The long and triple jumpers will have about an hour and to get as many jumps in as they can before they have to check out to go to the 400. For the teams that are running the Boys long jump specially, please start at 5:15 if not earlier (5:00) so we can make a dent on the large boys long jump field.


I can’t do anything about the wind so good resistance training today. Below is my estimated time schedule.



Meet B

Track Events


5:30 3200m Run


6:30 400m Dash


7:05 300m Hurdles


7:20 800m Run


8:00 4x100m Relay

8:30 Estimated End of meet***


Field Events
5:15 M-Shot / 5:15 F-Discus


5:15 M-Long / 5:15 F-Triple Jump


5:15 F-High Jump


5:15 PV – Girls and Boys together

Edison Meet B April 4th Meet Program

Anyone who still needs uniform - please meet by the storage near the athletic trainer tomorrow at  3PM

April 4th Edison Meet Entries HTM (Update 11:30PM on 4/3)

April 4th Edison Meet Entries by Entries (Update 11:30PM on 4/3)

April 4th Edison Meet Entries by Name (Update 11:30PM on 4/3)

Leslie Sherman Memorial Invitational: George C. Marshall Entries

Leslie Sherman Memorial Invitational 2018

When: Thursday, March 29th, 2018

Location: West Springfield High School

6100 Rolling Road

Springfield, VA 22152

Bus leaves at 7:15PM from Kiss and Ride


Schedule of Events

9:00am: -Girls Long Jump followed by Boys

-Boys Triple Jump followed by Girls

-Girls Shot Put followed by Boys

-Boys Discus followed by Girls

-Girls Pole Vault followed by Boys

-Boys High Jump followed by Girls


10:00am 3200m (All Sections)

11:00am: -100m/110m High Hurdles (sections on time)

11:45am: Commemoration Ceremony Honoring Leslie Sherman

11:50am: Middle School 1600m run (no registration required, just check in at event)


12:00pm: (Rolling schedule starting with running events) (Girls then Boys)

-4x800m Relay (1 section only)

-100m Dash (sections on time)


-4x100m Relay (2 sections)


-300m Hurdles (sections on time)


-200m (sections on time)

-4x400m Relay

From the Meet Directors:

1. Our school is under an extensive renovation and is completely off limits. I've been told the only way I can host this meet is to ensure that rule is followed. Please enter through the lower parking lot ONLY from Tuttle Road, including bus parking. All other access points are closed. Athletes warming up for events must exit through the Tuttle exit and warm-up there. Please do not let them run around our building.

2. We have port-o-johns by the stadium and bathroom access in our trailer village "Sparta". We cannot use bathrooms in the school.

3. Spectator admission is $5.

4. For those teams who have signed up to run an event, please bring a measuring tape if necessary. I have some tapes, but additional ones would be helpful. I still have need for a team to work the girls pole vault, so if you haven't signed up and can help there, please email me.

5. The weather looks pretty decent, but there could be some passing showers at times. Please have your athletes prepared and dressed appropriately.


Spring Statesmen T&F - Family Fun Run

AthleteParent Name1600m
Nolan-Landwehr, EileenMr. Wei5:56
Lagendyk, Marco AMr. Lagendyk6:05
Lunter, Caraline SMr. Lunter7:48
Lunter, Caraline SMrs. Lunter7:55
Malave, Sebastian NMrs. Malave8:04
Tilahun, MayaMr. Tilahun8:05
Robinson, Katherine GMr. Robinson8:26
Walcott, Jr., AlvinMrs. Walcott9:48
Schmidt, Nicole CMrs. Schmidt11:49

Smith, Benjamin SM194.501
Kennedy, Sanchir TM195.062
Blackwell, WilliamM205.074
Malave, Sebastian NM215.154
Church, Oliver FM185.193
Broadbent, Jeffrey KM205.281
Quin, Connor NM185.302
Holt, HeatherF185.333
Tedesco, Sophie EF205.431
Holt, AshleyF185.482
Lagendyk, Marco AM215.512
Watts, Brady RM186.022
Gillmore, Austin RM186.052
Valdez, Charles KM196.063
Lan, Huai BinM206.082
Schmid, Spencer TM216.124
Kennedy, Tatiana AF186.144
Pappala, Pranav AM186.151
Sullivan, Caroline AF216.162
Salem, SolimanM186.203
Bir, Grace EF206.224
Qureshi, Aamir ZM216.224
Daniel, Donald TM186.231
Marlowe, Lily CF216.254
Hinds, Iyanu RM196.264
Ferramondo, Alessandro JM206.304
Sarnovsky, AdamM216.303
Tryon, Wilson WM206.344
McNabb, GavinM206.364
Watts, Liam BM206.361
Burke, Kyle TM196.371
Tseten, Kalsang TM216.371
Nina, AnthonyM 6.383
Nguyen, Dylan TM216.402
Luo, JiahaoM186.414
DonTigny, Emilie TF216.452
Johnson, Simien DF196.471
Elbackush, AbdallaM196.484
Milbury, Odin DM216.481
Yeboah, Emmanuel KM206.502
Kim, James YM186.513
Lee, Andrew SM216.513
Lwin, Jack YM206.543
Nayfeh, OmarM216.541
Qureshi, BilalM216.561
Dirkse, Michelle GF186.591
Lopez-Choquez, EliasM207.002
Walcott, Jr., AlvinM187.011
Dirkse, Valerie NF217.021
Sengupta, MayukM207.021
Tadlock, Catherine HF207.054
Andersson, BastianM197.063
Buckley, Cole PM197.064
Nolan-Landwehr, EileenF207.063
Mohd, AimanM217.083
Recepcion, KatrielF207.092
Salem, RuqaiaF207.101
Nguyen, Timothy KM197.114
Hinds, Aisha JF207.134
Lis, AaronM207.141
Schmidt, Nicole CF187.164
Salangi, Ahmed MiladM217.172
Singh, Angraj KM207.172
Ferramondo, Federiro HM217.193
Njoku, Xavier MM217.193
Berliner, Isabella AF197.233
Russell, Kyle WM197.244
Salazar, MariaF 7.303
Slivinski, Ava RF217.304
Tippett, Nathanael WM197.302
Tadlock, Sarah MF197.311
Raghavan, AdityaM207.334
Capuano-Rizzo, Teresa LF217.354
Sheth, Keya AF217.373
Bardach, Natalie MF197.381
Lunter, Caraline SF217.383
Castillo, Alexander OM197.392
Parrott, William CM207.392
Reskusic, ArijanaF207.453
Hernandez Jimenez, Wanderley IM197.453
Yoder, Mark AM197.501
Lwin, Calley MF197.533
Adubi, Paul BM197.541
Forman, Faith AF217.564
Oluwehinmi, Arola FF217.584
Weeks, Mary AF207.582
Somasundaram, VishalM217.582
Miller, Brent LM217.592
MacNicol, Piper LF188.001
Norwood, BrynnF208.004
Nguyen, Alex DM208.041
Varandani, Shweta RF218.072
Strizek, Alexandra JF218.101
Brooke, James TM188.112
Durr, KayleighF198.152
Hebbar, AntaraF218.151
Mohran, YasminF218.152
Willams, Sophia DF198.154
Cuthbertson, RebeccaF208.161
Lee, Seo-YoonF208.173
Saran, Riya MF208.202
Robinson, Katherine GF218.212
Lopez Fuentes, JhenesyF218.222
Elbackush, HadeelF208.232
Jiwani, Sahar AF218.264
Alassaf, SaraF208.273
Tilahun, MayaF218.311
Aualos-Heredia, Nickolas AM198.342
Acharya, PrajaktaF218.373
Lewis, Noelle ZF208.434
Shirolkar, Neha GF208.433
Gashe, BezawitF198.513
Vogt, Paige MF218.512
Wan, AnnalieseF198.513
Nguyen, Jennifer LF208.532
Ticknor, Zamir JM218.544
Alghanim, KhalidM198.552
Jackson, ElijahM218.564
Rofheart, Sophie AF208.584
Garg, EshekaF208.593
Hwail, AyahF219.173
Abdullah, Farsheed MM199.364
Vertman, Benjamin JM219.362
Farrand, Audrey JF209.563
Griggs, KaiaF219.561
Polkharel, AnshuF209.561
Sorto-Argueta, Javier IM2110.033
Blakeley, Coleman ZM1910.363

Bedi, ShauryaF19 Excused
Brayman, Spencer BM18 Excused
Dabich, Benjamin CM20 Excused
Guliyeva, TurbatF19 Excused
Leonard, Talon WM20 Excused
McCarthy, Sydney LF21 Excused
Nininger, Colin DM19 Excused
Al Kallas, JoudM19 SAT
Al-Barazanchi, Maryam AF19 SAT
Ghusn, SamiM19 SAT
Humphreys, MadelineF19 SAT
Lee, Anabelle RF19 SAT
Mejia, Estefani DF20 SAT
Ragasa, Ryan AM19 SAT
Schlechty, Abigail RF19 SAT
Sweeney, Thomas PM20 SAT
Young, Katie JF19 SAT
Al Taher, Maya AF20Missed 
Arthur, Caden JM19Missed 
Atherton, Miles SM19Missed 
Bank, Alexander MasonM20Missed 
Cadle, Gavin KM20Missed 
Castro, ValerieF19Missed 
Cintorino, Lucas EM18Missed 
Clifford, Elaina JF19Missed 
Deaver, Benjamin CM19Missed 
Ehlert, Skye YF19Missed 
Epps, Tomari CF19Missed 
Flores, Melanie CF21Missed 
Goubeaux, Jonathan TM20Missed 
Haley, Amy KF19Missed 
Hamilton, Khristen AF19Missed 
Heller, Joshua MM19Missed 
Hogendoorn, Barbara GF20Missed 
Holland, Hailey PF21Missed 
Hughes, Tanner MM19Missed 
Ice, MadelineF20Missed 
Jones-Suggs, Makayla RF21
Joshi, BirajiM21Missed 
Kowkabi, Cyrus JM19Missed 
Leishear, Aidan GM20Missed 
Miller, Rachel LF18Missed 
Monroe, Madison MF19Missed 
Mubashir, Blawal MM21Missed 
Nguyen, ElizabethF21Missed 
Nguyen, Harold DM19Missed 
Orozco, HannahF21Missed 
Orozco, Nina SF19Missed 
Post, Joshua LM19Missed 
Qudsi, Salahaldeen UM20Missed 
Qureshi, Hana ZF19Missed 
Schlechty, Anastasia GF18Missed 
Shutello, Matthew JM21Missed 
Stuart, Delaney EF19Missed 
Thammisetti, SriyaF21Missed 
Thomasson, Maely GF21Missed 
Toubassi, TalaF19Missed 
Vahiny, Jeffrey NM18Missed 
Woods, Gavin MM19Missed 
Yayloyan, NelliF19Missed 
Yip, AlecM18Missed 
Yun, Mi YeonF19Missed 

If, you took the time trials on Monday and your results is not showing up. Means - I do not have your paperwork. Once the paperwork is received - I will update the results.

Bir, Grace EFS18/SPR2021.11Hughes, Tanner MMS18/SPR1917.64
Hinds, Aisha JFS18/NS2021.64Tryon, Wilson WMS18/PEN2018.10
Sheth, Keya AFS18/NS2022.14Nininger, Colin DMS18/PEN1918.64
Orozco, HannahFS18/NS2122.39Hinds, Iyanu RMS18/NS1918.86
Robinson, Katherine GFS18/NS2122.52Leonard, Talon WMS18/HUR2019.00
Capuano-Rizzo, Teresa LFS18/S/J2122.67Sarnovsky, AdamMS18/HUR2119.11
Johnson, Simien DFS18/NS1922.67Gillmore, Austin RMS18/HUR1819.39
Saran, Riya MFS18/S/J2022.67Nayfeh, OmarMS18/SPR2119.49
Sullivan, Caroline AFS18/DS2122.83Ferramondo, Alessandro JMS18/SPR2019.52
Tadlock, Sarah MFS18/HUR1923.89Tippett, Nathanael WMS18/S/J1919.54
Yun, Mi YeonFS18/SPR1923.89Walcott, Jr., AlvinMS18/JMP1819.64
Garg, EshekaFS18/SPR2024.61Watts, Brady RMS18/SPR1819.74
Strizek, Alexandra JFS18/PEN2124.61Qureshi, Aamir ZMS18/NS2119.82
Recepcion, KatrielFS18/DS2024.71Burke, Kyle TMS18/NS1919.95
Agnew, SerenaFS18/HUR2024.77Hernandez Jimenez, Wanderley IMS18/SPR1919.95
Young, Katie JFS18/THR1924.89Kim, James YMS18/S/J1819.96
Weeks, Mary AFS18/S/J2024.96Lis, AaronMS18/SPR2019.97
Oluwehinmi, Arola FFS18/PEN2124.99Atherton, Miles SMS18/JMP1920.42
Al-Barazanchi, Maryam AFS18/S/J1925.08Tseten, Kalsang TMS18/SPR2120.58
Clifford, Elaina JFS18/PEN1925.08Elbackush, AbdallaMS18/HUR1920.61
Hebbar, AntaraFS18/SPR2125.21Mohd, AimanMS18/HUR2120.67
Tilahun, MayaFS18/PEN2125.71Sengupta, MayukMS18/SPR2020.83
Gonzalez, Alicia SFS18/HUR2025.92Nguyen, Alex DMS18/SPR2020.89
Flores, Melanie CFS18/SPR2126.30Ferramondo, Federiro HMS18/SPR2121.08
Acharya, PrajaktaFS18/PEN2126.33Qureshi, BilalMS18/S/J2121.17
Reskusic, ArijanaFS18/HUR2026.64Lee, Andrew SMS18/SPR2121.67
Lunter, Caraline SFS18/SPR2126.67Lopez-Choquez, EliasMS18/H/J2021.69
Elbackush, HadeelFS18/S/J2026.83Nguyen, Timothy KMS18/T/S1922.02
Lee, Seo-YoonFS18/SPR2026.83Somasundaram, VishalMS18/HUR2122.46
Griggs, KaiaFS18/PEN2127.11Yeboah, Emmanuel KMS18/PEN2022.71
Shirolkar, Neha GFS18/SPR2027.24Raghavan, AdityaMS18/THR2022.99
Nguyen, Jennifer LFS18/DS2027.27Qudsi, Salahaldeen UMS18/DS2023.06
Thammisetti, SriyaFS18/SPR2127.71Ragasa, Ryan AMS18/S/J1923.27
Hwail, AyahFS18/SPR2127.96Ticknor, Zamir JMS18/T/S2123.36
Farrand, Audrey JFS18/PEN2028.36Almeda, Christopher GMS17/PEN1923.39
Al Taher, Maya AFS18/PEN2029.02Parrott, William CMS18/THR2023.39
Zimmerman, Reed EMS181924.40
Valdez, Charles KMS18/SPR1927.55

Holt, AshleyFS18/DS182.27Broadbent, Jeffrey KMS18/DS202.15
Kennedy, Tatiana AFS18/DS182.46Goubeaux, Jonathan TMS18/PEN202.25
McCarthy, Sydney LFS18/DS212.47Lagendyk, Marco AMS18/DS212.28
Bardach, Natalie MFS18/DS192.54Sweeney, Thomas PMS18/DS202.30
Schmidt, Nicole CFS18/DS182.54Watts, Brady RMS18/SPR182.32
Tadlock, Catherine HFS18/DS203.00Dabich, Benjamin CMS18/DS202.34
Nolan-Landwehr, EileenFS18/DS203.01Vahiny, Jeffrey NMS18/DS182.36
Schlechty, Abigail RFS18/DS193.03Daniel, Donald TMS18/DS182.44
DonTigny, Emilie TFS18/DS213.05Salem, SolimanMS18/SPR182.44
Salem, RuqaiaFS18/DS203.07Schmid, Spencer TMS18/DS212.49
Willams, Sophia DFS18/DS193.08Bank, Alexander MasonMS18202.50
Holland, Hailey PFS18/DS213.16Nguyen, Dylan TMS18/DS212.52
Schlechty, Anastasia GFS18/DS183.17Milbury, Odin DMS18/DS212.56
Mohran, YasminFS18/DS213.29Buckley, Cole PMS18/DS193.24
Forman, Faith AFS18/DS213.30


GCM Spring T&F


e   Requirement

o All pieces of paperwork below need to be verified before you will be allowed to be added to the roster. No one will we be allowed to participate without all paperwork completed and verified by the Coach Wong. You will have 10 days to join the team, all paperwork needs to be submit by the March 2nd, 2018.

o VHSL Physical/Eligibility form

This form needs to be on file to begin any physical activities including conditioning.

Coaches will not be accepting any physicals it needs be verified by Athletic Trainers or Activities.

o Concussion Education for both parents & students

This course needs to be completed online and verified by Athletic Trainers or Kathy in Activities

Only needs to be completed once per each school year

o Emergency Care Card

You are only required to complete one for Winter & Spring, new athletes to Spring T&F will need to submit one to

Coach Wong, recommend everyone to go online complete the form, print it and then by the parents sign the form.

o Participation Policy

These are usually completed as part of the summer packet. You only need it once per year.

o Link to all the school forms -

e   Student Athlete Information Sheet / Rules Package

o If, you do not attend the interest meeting or cannot get a copy from the track and field box in the Activities Office - you will need to email Coach Wong to get a copy ( The last sheet needs to be signed by athlete and your parent/guardians acknowledging that you and your Parent/Guardians have read and understand the rules. Only Return the last page of the Track and field packet.

e    Final Requirement

o Everyone is required to complete the 1600m time trial by the 2nd week of spring season.

o All boys need to complete the mile between 7:00 to 9:00 minutes.

o All girls need to complete the mile in 8:30 to 11:30 minutes.

o The time trial will be completed on Sat, Mar. 10th as part of the Team Family Fun Run. If, you cannot make this event – your last chance to complete it will be Mon, Mar. 11th, you will need to complete the 3200m in 16:00 (B)/18:00 (G) minutes.


Meet:             6A Regional D T&F Championship

Location:       Prince George's Sports & Learning Complex

Address:        8001 Sheriff Rd, Hyattsville, MD 20785

Dates:             Mon. Feb. 12th & Wed. Feb. 14th

Bus:                Leaves at 1PM each day from Bottom Parking lot.

Times:            Doors open at 12 Noon

                        Coaches Meeting – 2:30PM

                        GCM First Event – Feb. 12th – Girl’s 55mH - 5:00PM

                        GCM First Event – Feb. 14th – Girl’s 55mH – 3:40PM

State Meet:   Top 3 plus Performance qualifiers Advance.

Admissions:  $7.00

6A North Region (D) Indoor Championship: George C. Marshall Entries

You are entered in this meet. Your entries are below as of 02/08/2018 17:44:35 EST. You may update them up until February 9, 2018 12:00PM EST.
HS Boys 4x800 Meter Relay
-Relay Team A
0) Oliver F Church  0) Connor N Quin  0) Brian T Miller  0) Sanchir T Kennedy  0) William Blackwell  0) Marco Lagendyk  0) Sebastian Malave  0) Evan T Sanderson  
HS Boys 55 Meter Hurdles
-Eric C Schlier8.41
HS Boys 300 Meter Dash
-Eric C Schlier38.74
HS Boys 500 Meter Dash
-Sanchir T Kennedy1:10.30
HS Boys 1000 Meter Run
-Benjamin S. Smith2:40.15
HS Boys 1600 Meter Run
-Benjamin S. Smith4:31.00
HS Boys Shot Put
-Lucas E Cintorino35-2.5
HS Girls 4x200 Meter Relay
-Relay Team A
0) Makayla R Jones-Suggs  0) Michelle G Dirkse  0) Rachel L Miller  0) Nina S Orozco  0) Khristen A Hamilton  0) Anabelle R Lee  0) Claire Lee  0) Isabella A Berliner  
HS Girls 4x400 Meter Relay
-Relay Team A
0) Khristen A Hamilton  0) Anabelle R Lee  0) Grace E Bir  0) Elizabeth Epstein  0) Keya A Sheth  0) Makayla R Jones-Suggs  0) Caroline A Sullivan  0) Natalie M Bardach  
HS Girls 4x800 Meter Relay
-Relay Team A
0) Ashley Holt  0) Sophie E Tedesco  0) Lena G Smith  0) Grace E Bir  0) Elizabeth Epstein  0) Lily Marlowe  0) Sydney McCarthy  0) Caroline A Sullivan  
HS Girls 55 Meter Hurdles
-Michelle G Dirkse8.75
HS Girls 55Meter Dash
-Michelle G Dirkse7.66
-Khristen A Hamilton7.71
HS Girls 300 Meter Dash
-Anabelle R Lee44.98
-Makayla R Jones-Suggs43.39
HS Girls 500 Meter Dash
-Grace E Bir1:20.30
-Elizabeth Epstein1:21.25
HS Girls 1000 Meter Run
-Ashley Holt3:08.67
HS Girls 1,600 Meter Run
-Sophie E Tedesco5:18.29
-Lena G Smith5:59.95
HS Girls 3,200 Meter Run
-Ashley Holt11:38.24
-Sophie E Tedesco11:33.03
-Sydney McCarthy12:33.93
HS Girls Long Jump
-Keanna M Stevenson16-7
HS Girls Shot Put
-Delaney E Stuart36-1
-Annaliese Wan24-7.25
-Turbat Guliyeva25-3.75


2018 Indoor Regional Entries by Event


MONDAY 02.12. 18

Start Time





C & D

WEIGH-INs GIRL Vaulters & Implements

5:30 PM

Girls Long Jump


Girls Shot Put



Girls 55H Trials


Girls 55H Trials


Girls 55m Dash Trials



Girls 4x800m Relay


Girls 4x800m Relay


Boys 4x800m Relay


Wed: 02.14.2014

Start Time


12:00 - NOON





Girls Triple Jump C

Boys Shot Put



55m Hurdle & 55m Dash Final


4 x 200m Relay Final


1600m Run Final


500m Dash Final


1000m Run Final


300m Dash Final


3200m Run Final


4x400m Relay Final

8:00PM TEAM AWARDS 10 minutes after the 4x400m Relay


2018 Indoor District Championship Entries (Update 1/28 @ 7:27PM - PDF Version)

District Champs Indivitional Entries (Update 1/28 @ 7:27PM - HTML VERSION)

2017-2018 National District Indoor Track and Field Championships


 District Champs

  1. Coaches will make the final selection on who will compete and in what events.

  2. Championship dates – Tuesday (Jan. 30th – EHS - 5:30PM) & Friday (Feb. 2nd – TJMS - 5PM)

  3. Preview of Entries will be online on by 8PM on Saturday, Jan. 27th

  4. Please let me know questions or corrections by 10PM.

  5. We will have full team practice on Monday, Jan. 29th (No School) at 4:15PM to 5:45PM for only the athletes who made the District Championship team.

    1. Everyone on a relay team needs to bring their full uniform – to make sure we all have the same.

    2. Bring your spikes including rubber bottom ones.

  6. Once the entries are submitted – there are no substitutions, no adds or update.

District Championship Team
Abdullah, Farsheed M (19)
Al-Barazanchi, Maryam A (19)
Ali, Zakariya B (19)
Atherton, Miles S (19)
Bardach, Natalie M (19)
Berliner, Isabella A (19)
Bir, Grace E (20)
Blackwell, William (20)
Brooke, James T (18)
Church, Oliver F (18)
Cintorino, Lucas E (18)
Cross, Davin H (21)
Dabich, Benjamin C (20)
Delavega, Casey (20)
Dirkse, Michelle G (18)
DonTigny, Emilie T (21)
Ellis, Olivia M (19)
Epstein, Elizabeth (21)
Feenick, Jack P (18)
Ferramondo, Alessandro J (20)
Flores, Julian A (19)
Gillmore, Austin R (18)
Gracia, Jason (18)
Guliyeva, Turbat (19)
Hamilton, Khristen A (19)
Harrington, Jason J (21)
Holt, Ashley (18)   #523
Johnson, Simien D (19)
Jones-Suggs, Makayla R (21)
Kennedy, Sanchir T (19)
Kennedy, Tatiana A (18)
Lagendyk, Marco A (21)
Lauer, Corey S (20)
Lee, Anabelle R (19)
Lee, Claire J (21)
Leonard, Sydney J (20)
Leonard, Talon W (20)
Lewis, Noelle Z (20)